Clear Correct offer



Are you tired of crowded and crooked teeth? Would you like to
straighten them without conventional braces? How about not
having to deal with gooey impression material?
With our new digital technology at Florham Park Dental
Excellence along with Clear Aligner Therapy, Clear Correct, this
can be achieved! Clear Correct is the exact same treatment as
the more popular clear aligner therapy, Invisalign. However, all
of us at Florham Park Dental Excellence have been doing Clear
Correct for years!

*We are giving a $500 courtesy to every person that schedules

this treatment at our office located at

140 Columbia Turnpike
Florham Park, NJ

The offer is valid through 2/29/23

*Those with orthodontic coverage under their insurance plans
have the discount incorporated in their plans. If you do not
have coverage, you are eligible for the $500 courtesy